At the stage of creating a new kitchen project and choosing furniture, it is important to avoid mistakes that will increase the cost of renovation and create additional problems.

Let’s consider three main mistakes that are worth paying attention to when planning your kitchen.

1. Incorrect placement of outlets and utilities

A common mistake when creating a kitchen space is the incorrect placement of outlets and utilities. If the outlets are not installed where they are needed, or if pipes obstruct the installation of kitchen furniture, this may require costly renovation of the already finished kitchen. The solution to this problem begins at the kitchen design stage. Discuss with an electrician and plumber the correct placement of outlets and utilities considering your future kitchen equipment. For example, position the outlets and switches so that they are accessible and convenient to use, without compromising the aesthetics of the kitchen interior.

*** Redoing an already finished kitchen due to such problems can cost an additional 20,000 – 30,000 lei and lead to delays.

2. Ordering the kitchen before purchasing appliances

Many people make the mistake of ordering kitchen furniture before purchasing necessary appliances such as a stove, oven, and hood. This can lead to problems and additional expenses. Before ordering the kitchen, make sure you have already chosen and purchased the required appliances. This will help you plan the furniture layout accurately, considering the dimensions and specifications of the appliances. It will also save you from waiting for the delivery and installation of devices, allowing you to plan all stages of the renovation more efficiently.

3. Failure to follow the “Golden Triangle” principles

The “Golden Triangle” is a rule for positioning the sink, refrigerator, and stove in the kitchen for optimal functionality. Ignoring this principle can lead to unnecessary movements during cooking and create discomfort. Improper placement of these elements can result in some areas being underutilized and others being overcrowded.

To avoid these problems, it is important to:

  • Plan the placement of the sink, refrigerator, and stove in advance.
  • Consider the size of the kitchen and your cooking habits.
  • If necessary, seek the help of a professional designer.

In addition to preventing the mentioned mistakes, it is important to have individual and functional furniture in the kitchen. Amatto offers a comprehensive approach to creating the perfect kitchen: We will listen to your wishes, provide free consultation on materials and fittings, help you choose the style and type of furniture. We will offer two design options based on your preferences and actual parameters, as well as provide an accurate cost estimate. If our project meets your expectations, we proceed to signing the contract. Trust Amatto’s experience in custom furniture manufacturing and create the perfect kitchen that meets your needs and prevents additional expenses in the future. Leave a request for a free consultation with a designer! Specify your name, phone number, email, and leave a note about your dream kitchen.