Arly kitchen with solid ash wood - Amatto

Arly kitchen with solid ash wood

Sienna (white)
18 mm thick chipboard with Rehau PVC edging
Postforming, color Ceramic Tessina cream, thickness 38 mm


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This project presents a noble and cozy white kitchen. Each facade of the set is assembled from the frame and the central part - the panel. Thanks to the harmonious and elegant lines on the fronts, the kitchen acquires the features of the classic style, but at the same time, it is distinguished by modern solutions. The overall style of the kitchen can be described as neoclassical, which combines rigor, thoughtfulness, functionality, and at the same time lightness and comfort. Similar projects are now very popular and relevant, as such kitchens are practical, comfortable to use, and have aesthetic beauty. An interesting detail of this kitchen is the presence of a narrow cabinet with a pull-out basket on the upper floor of the cargo set. Most often such an element is used in the bottom cabinets, but it can also be installed at the top. Cargo is very convenient to use because by pulling out the whole basket you can easily get any item stored there. There is no need to rearrange or move other things. The kitchen has a linear layout, which means that the cabinets are lined up along one wall. On the edges are placed tall peninsulas, they play the role of columns or pillars, closing the garniture. The one on the right has an oven and microwave, while the one on the left has a refrigerator. Between these elements is a fairly large area. Down here are the hob, sink, dishwasher, and storage cabinets, and upstairs is a built-in hood and also placed cabinets. The work surface is very comfortable and wide. The main place of cooking is between the hob and the sink, so these elements in the set are as far away from each other as possible.

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