Kitchen Art of stained MDF - Amatto

Kitchen Art of stained MDF

RAL 7047 (gray)
18 mm thick chipboard with Rehau PVC edging
Postforming, color Marble Giada blue, thickness 38 mm


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The kitchen has a corner layout. This makes it possible to make a large work surface, as well as organize a number of convenient places for storage. So at the bottom there are wide drawers, a corner cabinet with a sink, a niche for the oven, as well as two cargos on the edges. The cargos here are 30 cm wide. This size is enough to, for example, put two large bottles or a few cans of cereal next to each other. This piece of furniture is very easy to use, it is easy to pull out and provides easy access to all the items that are stored in this cabinet. It should be noted that one cargo is located directly against the wall with a window. When designing a set in this case, you need to correctly and accurately measure the height of the window sill and the distance from the wall to the radiator, because when measured incorrectly, the retractable system will not open, but simply rest against the window sill or radiator. The upper cabinets are 91.5 cm high. The interior space of elements of this size is usually divided into three shelves. The upper tier of cabinets has a built-in hood and microwave oven, as well as a dish dryer. Dryers usually have standard width dimensions, so in order to visually maintain symmetry in the set and make all the facades on this wall the same, the cabinet with the dryer is made larger, and inside added a vertical partition and made small shelves on the side. The material of the fronts in this project is painted MDF board with a matte surface. Milled handles. The color of the fronts is light gray, very soft, pastel. The countertop and wall panel are brighter, they have an interesting stone decor with delicate blue veins. Together, these materials create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere in the kitchen.

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