Chicago plastic kitchen - Amatto

Chicago plastic kitchen

Thuja (brown), RAL 7015 (black).
18 mm thick chipboard with Rehau PVC edging
Postforming, Thuja color, thickness 38 mm


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The rectilinear layout of the kitchen set in this project - a winning solution. The furniture looks compact and original. The set seems small, but it is very roomy. The drawers at the bottom are 115 cm wide. This large size of drawers can be made using the tandem box rail system. They can easily withstand heavy loads, extend fully, smoothly and quietly. There are tandem boxes made by Hettich. Such a cabinet is convenient for storing food, dishes and any kitchen utensils. Also in the lower tier are a cabinet under the sink, a built-in oven and a cargo. The top of the kitchen consists of two levels. The uppermost row of cabinets opens with a push and has a depth of 60 cm, the same as the bottom cabinets and countertop. The lower level of the upper cabinets are made standard size: 30 cm deep. There are two types of detail finishes in the kitchen. The fronts with wood texture, the side walls of the set, as well as the bottom of the uppermost cabinets are made of front material. It is plastic, it is based on chipboard, which is lined with a special polymer coating. The texture can be different, but in this version used the pattern of wood. The same decor is made on the postforming tabletop, but here the base material is a thicker, moisture-resistant chipboard. A wall panel is installed on the wall along the work area. It, in turn, is made of thin MDF board, but covered with the same plastic. Thus, these different materials have the same finish, which creates the feeling of a single and indivisible element. In addition to the wood texture, a material with a completely different texture has been used. This is a painted MDF board. Facades made of it are monochrome and have a deep gray color and matte surface.

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