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Our client’s story!

Pavel from Chisinau came to our company. The young man is 35 years old, actively engaged in sports, heads one of the departments of a large Moldovan company. The firm deals with confectionery products. Not so long ago, Paul created a family, he and his wife moved into a new apartment and are expecting a new addition to the family very soon. After consulting with his partner, Paul decided that it would be a good idea to renovate the apartment. We decided to start with the kitchen. Our client was looking for a firm that would meet all his requirements and family wishes. After a long search, among many other alternative companies, the client chose amatto. It fell out on social media as targeting ads.Paul was contacted by the manager and offered the service "Designer at Home". The client wanted to visit our office on his own and meet the entire team. The final cost was lower than the competitors by as much as 20%. Later, at a meeting with the designer at the site, it became clear exactly what Paul wanted. Namely, to purchase a kitchen set for your new home. In consultation with the designer Svetlana, it was decided to do a dark facade, which would combine with the design of the rest of the rooms. In order to better understand the needs of the client, another meeting was organized, where our specialist picked up the necessary materials, taking into account the wishes of the client. Since it was important for Paul to put everything away, it was not a matter of time. installation in a short time, we managed to finish everything even earlier. The family was very pleased with the result, and we were thrilled with these clients, their initiative and clear requests.

Free measuring at your home

The designer will come to your home with samples of materials, develop a kitchen project and calculate its cost for free