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How do I choose the right color for my kitchen interior?

Before buying or having a bespoke kitchen, you must choose the configuration and color. While the first is simple – you need to be guided by your needs, capabilities, and options – the second is much more complicated. It’s not always a good idea to stop at your favorite colors. Let’s find out what you must consider avoiding making a mistake and being disappointed.

Room dimensions. Happy owners of spacious kitchens can experiment with colours. A professional designer is able to mix even three shades so masterfully that the kitchen looks perfect. But more often than not, it’s a two-color solution.

A small room, on the other hand, needs a visual extension of the space. The light shades do a great job. The kitchen shouldn’t be overloaded with colour combinations – it’s best to stick to monochrome.

Degree of illumination. If your kitchen window doesn’t get much sun most of the day, a light-colored interior will compensate for the lack of sun. Bright decorative elements (orange, and yellow) are also a good addition.

Cool tones such as grey, and silver, and variations of blue and blue and green can help make a room too bright.


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