Don't scare the kitchen away with the price! - Amatto

Don’t scare the kitchen away with the price!

Planning a budget and the cost of a new kitchen can seem like a daunting and unfeasible task. Let's figure it out! Let's start with the parameters that manufacturers of kitchen furniture take into account when forming the cost of a complete project: - The main material can be expensive solid wood or chipboard; - decorative elements - mirrors, stained glass, textiles, light bulbs for illumination; - differences in the filling of cabinets and drawers - regular shelves, modern shelving. Any kitchen consists of a frame, fronts, fittings, countertops. Basically, by "fittings" is meant: - retractable type devices; - pens; - furniture legs; - cabinet hinges; - dish dryers; - connecting skirting boards for countertops;

Free measuring at your home

The designer will come to your home with samples of materials, develop a kitchen project and calculate its cost for free